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  To the Editor:

  Re “Mueller Disputes Report That Trump Directed Cohen to Lie” (news article, Jan. 19):

  After President Trump’s astonishing deference to Vladimir Putin on Russian sanctions, election meddling, Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea, undermining NATO and more, any reasonable observer must be concerned that Mr. Trump may have been — wittingly or unwittingly — compromised by a hostile foreign state.

  Robert Mueller is thus in the midst of the most important and delicate counterintelligence investigation in modern American history.

  Mr. Trump lives and dies by the news cycle. According to many published sources, stories about Russian interference inflame Mr. Trump’s temper. We have already seen him fire lifelong loyal Republicans over “this Russia thing.”

  Journalists should be more sensitive to these dynamics. They should avoid sensational scoops that could compromise delicate sources or trigger further obstruction. BuzzFeed’s careless “big story” distracted the investigation, or worse.

  Mr. Mueller’s team had no choice but to take the unusual step of publicly disputing the BuzzFeed article. Right now, figuring out how Russia compromised our elections is the job of Mr. Mueller’s team. Let’s stay out of its way.

  Christopher ThorpeMillbrae, Calif.

  To the Editor:

  Re “Russia Dealings Said to Continue Till Trump Won” (front page, Jan. 21):

  We shouldn’t be too hard on BuzzFeed. Because of its story, which still may prove true, Rudy Giuliani admitted that, despite President Trump’s public protestations to the contrary, negotiations on a Moscow Trump Tower continued throughout the 2016 election campaign until at least Election Day. (Mr. Giuliani has since claimed that his statements were “hypothetical.”) Mr. Giuliani further admitted that Mr. Trump might have talked to Michael Cohen before Mr. Cohen testified before Congress.

  When Mr. Cohen untruthfully told Congress that the Moscow deal terminated in January 2016, the president did not tell Congress or the American people that Mr. Cohen had not been truthful. A reasonable prosecutor might well conclude that such conduct corroborated the BuzzFeed story.

  Without organizations like BuzzFeed, Americans might know a lot less about the dangers to our democracy.

  Sharon MorrisonWhitefish, Mont.

  To the Editor:

  It looks as if Robert Mueller just had a James Comey moment: He entered the public discussion when he should have continued to keep his mouth shut. Why in the world would he say anything about the BuzzFeed article about President Trump directing Michael Cohen to lie to Congress? All he does is show that he and his team are following the click-bait news like so many of the rest of us.

  If BuzzFeed has it wrong, that will be revealed soon enough.

  Peter J. HouseSeattle

  To the Editor:

  The buzz in print and on TV from BuzzFeed’s report that President Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress was loud and intense. It is unfortunate but ironic that Mr. Trump, who trades on his followers’ willingness to believe the falsehoods he so frequently utters, should suffer such public relations damage from his opponents’ readiness to accept BuzzFeed’s apparently erroneous report.

  I’m tempted to think it serves him right.

  Jamie BaldwinRedding, Conn.

  To the Editor:

  Substantiated or not, whether he did it or not, no one, not even most of his staunch supporters, would put it past President Trump to order an associate to lie to Congress. And that subordination of norms and ethical character alone condemns him.

  Lyndon DoddsSan Antonio

  To the Editor:

  Re “The Man Who Wouldn’t Be President,” by Frank Bruni (column, Jan. 20), questioning whether Donald Trump actually wanted to win the election:

  So, a man realizes that by failing he’ll come out richer than if he had succeeded. Sounds like Mr. Trump took his game plan from Bialystock and Bloom, those bumbling Broadway producers dreamed up by that brilliant political strategist Mel Brooks.

  Josh TaneBriarcliff Manor, N.Y.



  2017年特肖图图库【月】【小】【妹】【在】【门】【口】【伸】【进】【脑】【袋】【看】【了】【一】【眼】,【确】【认】【云】【风】【当】【真】【不】【在】【才】【抬】【脚】【走】【了】【进】【来】,【见】【楚】【灵】【儿】【埋】【在】【被】【中】【不】【愿】【理】【自】【己】,【不】【禁】【笑】【出】【声】【来】。 【没】【好】【气】【的】【抬】【头】【瞪】【她】,【楚】【灵】【儿】【好】【不】【郁】【闷】。 “【小】【主】【打】【算】【躲】【一】【天】?”【月】【小】【妹】【笑】【够】【了】,【过】【来】【拉】【她】:“【外】【面】【在】【传】【小】【主】【跟】【云】【公】【子】【的】【事】,【小】【主】【不】【去】【看】【看】?” “【这】【么】【快】【都】【知】【道】【了】?”【楚】【灵】【儿】【扶】【额】,【越】【发】

【整】【个】【空】【间】【在】【颤】【抖】,【邪】【龙】【莫】【拉】【克】【的】【身】【躯】【逐】【渐】【显】【露】【出】【来】。 【陈】【枫】【紧】【紧】【盯】【着】【眼】【前】【发】【生】【的】【一】【切】,【内】【心】【震】【撼】。 【第】【一】【次】【见】【到】【一】【条】【巨】【龙】,【还】【是】【一】【条】【浑】【身】【光】【秃】【秃】【的】【巨】【龙】,【样】【子】【狰】【狞】【恐】【怖】。 【刘】【紫】【萱】【走】【到】【陈】【枫】【身】【边】,【双】【手】【抱】【着】【陈】【枫】【的】【手】【臂】,【眼】【神】【惊】【恐】。 【不】【到】【一】【分】【钟】【的】【时】【间】,【邪】【龙】【巨】【大】【的】【身】【躯】【全】【部】【显】【露】【出】【来】。 “【吼】” 【一】【声】

【解】【约】 【解】【约】,【一】【切】【归】【于】【平】【静】,【再】【无】【牵】【连】。 【小】【城】【古】【风】。 【笨】【老】【头】【听】【了】,【手】【里】【一】【顿】,【脸】【色】【绯】【红】,【瞬】【间】【又】【恢】【复】【原】【状】,【可】【见】【脸】【皮】【之】【厚】。**【趁】【此】【机】【会】,【喘】【口】【粗】【气】, 【忍】【不】【住】【骂】【道】,【从】【未】【见】【过】【如】【此】【厚】【颜】【无】【耻】【之】【徒】,【居】【然】【想】【欺】【瞒】【天】【下】,【实】【在】【是】【罪】【恶】【滔】【天】,【那】【啥】!【对】!【罄】【竹】【难】【书】 ,【大】【哥】!【我】【这】【一】【句】【用】【得】【如】【何】? 【吕】【宾】【大】

  “【住】【手】!”【方】【澄】【和】【唐】【奕】【从】【手】【术】【室】【里】【出】【来】,【两】【人】【身】【上】【都】【带】【着】【伤】。 【确】【切】【的】【说】,【是】【脸】【上】【带】【着】【伤】…… “【你】【们】……”【莫】【言】【瞪】【大】【了】【眼】【睛】,【这】【不】【是】【去】【做】【手】【术】【了】【嘛】?【怎】【么】【感】【觉】【好】【像】【是】【在】【里】【面】【打】【了】【一】【架】。 “【莫】【溪】,【快】【让】【景】【七】【住】【手】。”【方】【澄】【捂】【着】【自】【己】【的】【嘴】【角】,【因】【为】【说】【话】【而】【扯】【痛】【了】【嘴】【角】,【疼】【的】【龇】【牙】【咧】【嘴】。 【叶】【睿】【挑】【挑】【眉】,“【你】【们】【到】2017年特肖图图库【陈】【双】【莹】【完】【全】【惊】【呆】【了】,【她】【爸】【妈】【跟】【莫】【同】【借】【了】【上】【百】【万】,【这】【是】【什】【么】【时】【候】【的】【事】【情】? 【莫】【同】【什】【么】【时】【候】【变】【得】【那】【么】【有】【钱】【了】? 【一】【双】【眼】【睛】【里】【面】【完】【全】【是】【不】【敢】【相】【信】,【她】【不】【敢】【相】【信】【的】【是】【莫】【同】【居】【然】【那】【么】【有】【钱】,【他】【真】【的】【只】【是】***【家】【的】【司】【机】【吗】? 【一】【个】【司】【机】【是】【不】【可】【能】【有】【那】【么】【多】【钱】【的】,【除】【非】【他】【有】【额】【外】【的】【职】【业】。 【而】【且】【这】【份】【职】【业】【的】【话】【有】【可】【能】【不】【简】【单】,

  【珞】【华】【着】【实】【懵】【了】【一】【下】,【才】【想】【起】【来】【撞】【倒】【自】【己】【的】【这】【货】【是】【谁】——【实】【在】【是】【因】【为】【珞】【华】【独】【自】【一】【人】【来】【琅】【环】【的】【时】【候】,【小】【玉】【从】【未】【现】【身】【过】。 【小】【玉】【作】【为】【八】【重】【琅】【环】【的】【守】【护】【精】【灵】,【虽】【然】【这】【张】【嘴】【对】【珞】【华】【向】【来】【不】【太】【客】【气】,【但】【也】【确】【实】【帮】【珞】【华】【找】【过】【不】【少】【资】【料】,【为】【珞】【华】【省】【了】【不】【少】【功】【夫】,【再】【加】【上】【小】【玉】【一】【直】【就】【是】【这】【么】【一】【副】【傲】【娇】【样】【子】,【珞】【华】【也】【很】【难】【因】【为】【几】【句】【话】【就】【当】【真】【跟】

  【满】【大】【街】【都】【流】【动】【着】【一】【股】【股】【桂】【浆】,【口】【鼻】【呼】【吸】,【那】【浓】【郁】【的】【甜】【香】【就】【就】【能】【沁】【到】【人】【的】【心】【肝】【五】【脏】。 【隔】【了】【重】【重】【山】【脉】,【神】【奥】【大】【部】【分】【地】【区】【已】【是】【寒】【意】【刺】【骨】,【叶】【黄】【枝】【枯】,【一】【片】【萧】【瑟】【之】【秋】。【城】【都】【这】【边】,【却】【像】【是】【死】【拽】【着】【夏】【的】【尾】【巴】,【迟】【迟】【不】【肯】【松】【手】。 【早】【该】【南】【飞】【的】【巴】【大】【蝶】、【波】【波】、【烈】【雀】、【毽】【子】【草】【一】【家】……【这】【些】【虫】【属】【性】【和】【草】【属】【性】【以】【及】【力】【量】【不】【足】【的】【小】【型】【精】

  【第】【二】【百】【七】【十】【五】【章】、【初】【见】**,【不】【由】【自】【主】【地】【想】【要】【流】【泪】// 【玉】【韶】【华】【急】【忙】【扶】【起】,【李】【异】【人】【年】【岁】【已】【然】【是】【花】【甲】【之】【年】,【但】【是】【精】【神】【矍】【铄】,【书】【卷】【气】【度】【一】【分】【不】【减】,【看】【那】【些】【子】【孙】【们】,【相】【貌】【虽】【非】【惊】【天】【之】【姿】,【却】【气】【质】【斐】【然】。 【玉】【韶】【华】【客】【气】【地】【回】【礼】。【长】【泽】【站】【在】【旁】【边】【也】【不】【说】【话】,【清】【清】【冷】【冷】。 【李】【异】【人】【弄】【不】【清】【楚】【长】【泽】【身】【份】,【看】【玉】【韶】【华】【也】【不】【介】【绍】,【便】【也】

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